7 Minute Workout

Don’t think you have time to workout?

                  We’re here to challenge you!


This “training” is unlike most of our BlueLIFE postings.  You’re not going to read about exercise, you’re going to perform a quick, 7-minute routine in the privacy of your own office or home.  You don’t need sweats or tennis shoes, any special equipment or even a shower.  This simple routine was developed by exercise physiologists and the New York Times as a means of getting people moving.  Something as simple as this short routine is good for both strength building and aerobic health.  With practice, you should be able to more than double the time needed for this routine.

The exercises covered by this video include those pictured below.  When you are ready to perform this routine, merely scroll down to the end of this page and click on the link where you will be redirected to the NY Times video.  Once there, merely click ‘Begin Workout” and follow the directions.

Screen Shot 2016-03-06 at 11.00.03 PM


Ready to start?  Click here!