Cops are some of the bravest, caring people you’ll ever meet

While others run from danger, cops pursue it.  Out numbered by gang members 10 to 1, a cop stands his/her ground, calls for backup and protects life.  A good cop remains objective in the face of confusing and ever changing circumstances.  And a good cop cares and wants the best for everybody … the victim, the community, their partner and themselves, as well as the suspect.  Having said that ….
Why are so many cops, like many people, distrusting and stereotyping of people with mental health challenges?

Many Vets who’ve served our country with bravery and honor return with serious mental health concerns.  1 in every 4 adults will experience a mental health challenge in their life time.  Depression, anxiety, loneliness and complicated grief reactions are common place.

Someone you know, maybe even you, Has, Is or Will experience a significant mental health challenge in their lifetime.  Know the facts, dispel the myths, engage with compassion and do the right thing.  Overcoming personal stereotypes is just the beginning.

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