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Are all Calories Created Equal?


A calorie is basically an edible unit of energy.  You need to consume calories to provide your body with energy.  Even when you are doing “nothing,” your body and mind are working quite hard.  Your brain, heart and other organs use up a lot of calories each minute.  In fact, you use more calories each day just keeping your insides functioning than you ever do exercising.  However, that added calorie burn you get from exercise is good for weight loss and your metabolism.


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An often asked question, especially if someone is trying to lose weight or gain muscle is – how many calories should I consume each day?  The answer to this is based on several factors, the most significant being your “Basal Metabolic Rate or BMR.  Read the following article to learn about BMR and how you can affect your metabolism.


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Most of the factors that determine your BMR are not modifiable (age, gender, height), but you can affect body composition.  By being physically active you can reduce body fat and build muscle, both of which increase your BMR.  And of course the physical activity itself burns calories, so it’s a win-win!