The LAPD’s Behavioral Science Services (BSS) is the oldest and most established in-house, law enforcement psychological services entity in the U.S.  We have consistently been leaders in the field of law enforcement psychology having introduced not only the first in-house counseling service, but the first field-deployed organizational consultants, early intervention programs for stress and anxiety, psychological intervention programs for Recruits, case-specific consultation including investigative hypnosis, law enforcement dietitian and most recently BlueLIFE a Wellness Initiative designed to improve participant’s health.


Over the last 30 plus years, BSS is estimated to have provided clinical services to more than 10,000 individuals.


 Service Eligibility

All sworn and civilian, full- or part-time LAPD employees and LAWA Airport Police Department employees are eligible to receive counseling/therapy, nutritional counseling and addiction prevention intervention from BSS.  An employee’s spouse, domestic partner, or significant other are also eligible to receive these same services as well; spouse, domestic partner and significant other do not require the permission, or knowledge, of the employee to receive benefits.


There is no cost to anyone who receives services from BSS.  There is no pre-determined number of sessions available to you.  All counseling services can continue for as long as you and your therapist agree to work on your goals.


Children of employees are not eligible to receive any BSS service.  If you find that you are in need of mental health, nutritional and substance abuse services for your children, BSS can provide you with guidance and with referrals for assistance.


Behavioral Science Services

213-486-0790 (tel)

213-482-9596 (fax)

All staff members have a private voicemail, a directory of which is listed on the general voicemail message.


Regular business hours

0730h – 1700h;  Monday – Friday

We are typically closed on civilian holidays

After Hours Emergency

A BSS psychologist and supervisor are available 24/7

After regular business hours, contact RACR at 213-484-6700

(you do not need to identify yourself when asking for the on-call psychologist)

 If you are experiencing a life threatening emergency, go to the nearest emergency room or dial 911 for assistance.


BlueLIFE  (for questions and correspondence related to this website and the Wellness Initiative)