When an employee’s behavior could be interpreted as interfering with job performance or is related to a potential safety concern, that employee may be directed to BSS by their commanding officer.  To ensure that such referrals are necessary and alternatives have been considered, a BSS psychologist screens the appropriateness of all directed referrals.  Our practice of accepting directed referrals is consistent with other safety-sensitive occupations.  The psychologist will conduct a minimum of two directed sessions on an on-duty basis and provide limited feedback to the commanding officer about attendance, safety concerns, short-term recommendations regarding duty assignment and follow-up plan.  The feedback is telephonic and no report is generated.  Directed referrals may be converted to a self-referral if on-going counseling is recommended.


Department policy allows a supervisor to direct a subordinate into BSS; a BSS psychologist must concur with the appropriateness of such a referral.  Furthermore, in the case of supervisors below the rank of Captain, BSS requires that supervisors obtain their commanding officers approval to direct someone into BSS.  Contact BSS at 213-486-0790 for more information or to schedule an appointment.


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