Self-referral simply refers to you seeking an appointment with a BSS psychologist on your own as you would with any willing health provider in the community.  Department employees and their spouse/significant other may seek counseling to address any problem they wish whether or not it is job related.  You may wonder what some of the more common reasons are that people come to BSS.  Several hypothetical examples may help.














These examples illustrate the variety of problems people may wish to address in counseling.  Other examples of self-referral counseling include marital/couple counseling, grief counseling and pain management.  Unlike your health insurance, BSS does not place artificial limits or restrictions on number of sessions or treatment episodes.  The average client attends a number of sessions to address specific problems and is free to return throughout their career as the need arises.


Please contact BSS at 213-486-0790 for more information or to schedule a confidential appointment.