teamworkEach year, more than 1,000 employees use BSS clinical services and each day these individuals are better able to face the challenges of life, develop more nurturing relationships, overcome work-related problems and grow to live a more valued life.  An ever increasing number of employees recognize that Behavioral Science Services can be a tremendous resource for a host of various work and life challenges.  No longer are we seen as the “last resort” or a place where only those in desperate need go for assistance.  The psychologists, nutritionist, addiction prevention counselors and staff members have touched the lives of nearly 1 in every 3 Department employees and through this contact we have helped these employees live more rewarding and fulfilling lives.

Behavioral Science Services provides a wide range of psychological, nutritional and health-related services.  These professional services include: counseling to individuals and couples; management consultation services are provided to commanding officers and supervisors of all ranks; operational consultation, including case-specific advice, to detectives and other investigative groups; training on a wide variety of psychological topics including at most Department schools; and assistance formulating research projects and interpreting data.  We also offer biofeedback to address various health, performance and physiological changes.  Specially trained sworn supervisory staff, as well as psychologists, can help address alcohol misuse and various addictions.  Our Department nutritionist helps individuals lose weight and keep it off, accommodate to special diet restrictions as a result of allergy or illness, and can even help with injury recover through proper nutrition.

For more information on the various ways BSS clinical staff can be of assistance to you or your work group, please select one of the links below.

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