Operational psychology refers to consultation performed by BSS psychologists during police operations, or in service of specialized missions.  For example, BSS psychologists are part of the Crisis Negotiations Team and provide consultation during instances of hostage taking, potential suicides and with barricaded suspects.  BSS supports counterterrorism efforts by consulting on human intelligence and source development.  Psychologists have a significant history of providing case specific consultation on cold case homicides, serial homicide, serial arson and unsolved rape cases.  Most notably, BSS played a crucial role in the Dorner Incident, where we conducted criminal behavioral analysis to help determine his location, target and behavior.


There’s no question that the best investigators are not psychologists, but seasoned detectives.  BSS psychologists can however provide a different perspective on a case.  Using our skills in behavioral analysis, linguistic theory, and psychosocial and psychosexual development, detectives may find it helpful to discuss their case, or some aspect of a case, with a BSS psychologist.