Having difficulty making real sense out of your data?

Behavioral Science Services staff can assist you in formulating and developing research protocols, legitimate sampling methods, data collection, and the analysis and reporting of research findings.  Members of our staff are knowledgeable research design and can help you analyze your data with sound statistical approaches.  Best of all, we’ll help you make sense of your data – by analyzing data using statistics, any finding you may have has a stronger foundation than if you’re just ‘eye-balling it.”


We have helped different workgroups throughout the years better understand the underlying cause of various trends as well as what aspects of a program are or are not effective.  Whether it’s survey research on public attitudes toward policing, an analysis of cross-over trends in basic cars, alternative methods of 6-pack identification, the effectiveness of district policing, recruitment advertising or OIS trends, BSS has helped answer these questions.


If you’ve got a project with data to analyze, consider contacting us in the early phase of your work.  BSS can be reached at 213-252-3090.