Teaching and developing new staff and updating and refreshing the skills for existing staff is vital to keep personnel safe and healthy.  While implementing new programs requires a systematic approach.  Both services are available through BSS.



Whether to teach new skills or update and refresh existing skills, training is a vital component of law enforcement work.  BSS staff, psychologists, dietitian and APU counselors alike, provide training to various work groups on relevant and timely topics related to health, well-being and life management skills.  Our staff is not only highly trained on a variety of health topics but are skilled educators, committed to enhancing knowledge, developing useful skills and making the learning process enjoyable.  We provide training from your first week in the Academy through your retirement planning.  Staff members are instructors in virtually all Department schools and have taught a range of subjects on innumerable divisional training days,  as well as Peer Support.  Some specific training topics include:

 Alcohol Misuse

Resiliency in the Face of Adversity

Transformational Leadership

Crisis Management

PTSD: What does it look like and how can we help?

Improving Sleep:  A Pragmatic Approach to Wellness

Emotional Survival in Law Enforcement

Relationships and Law Enforcement:  Can they co-exist successfully?


Program Development

While classroom training often imparts new knowledge and skill, it may be necessary to implement a more holistic intervention that targets all aspects of behavior, knowledge and skill, attitudes, and cognitive flexibility.  When there is a need for more than just one class or one day of training on a particular subject, BSS can help design a program to effective positive change.  BlueLIFE is an example of such a program.  A well-designed program that addresses the needs of both the Department and the employee stands a much better chance of being successful and achieving its goals.  Our psychologists can assist with the development of such a program, from the initial conceptualization to program development and implementation, to program evaluation and modification.