The Department’s Dietitian Nutritionist Rana Parker supports the health and wellness of employees through a variety of individual and group interventions, education, and nutrition programs.
Individualized nutrition counseling is available to all employees and spouses/significant others.  Individuals may meet with the dietitian/nutritionist for a variety of needs, such as weight management, medical conditions, and peak performance.  Length of treatment time and number of appointments is based on the needs of the individual.

In addition to teaching nutrition courses for recruits, detention officers, and others, Rana is available for nutrition presentations customized for work groups, training days and roll calls.

As the Department’s nutrition expert, the dietitian offers a variety of resources to address the specialized needs of LAPD employees, such as how to make healthy fast food choices while on patrol, maintaining energy in the field, managing high blood pressure, building lean muscle mass and more.  Additional programs and resources available:

  • Mind Over Food” – a weight loss program facilitated with a Department psychologist
  • We Deliver” – an on-site nutritional counseling program facilitated at your division, in conjunction with brief roll call trainings
  • Chew on This” – a weekly email newsletter to support healthy weight management

Contact Rana at 213-486-0790 for more information or to schedule an appointment.