On this page you will find a gatewat through which you can access past issues of Chew On This, our LAPD monthly nutrition newsletter.  Rana Parker, RD, MPH, our Department Dietitian Nutritionist, publishes  a monthly newsletter that briefly address a particular diet, nutrition or health matter each month.  Here you’ll also find useful links for additional information.  Take a look …

Artificial Sweeteners

Maybe not the substitute you’ve been hoping for

Calories and Quality

Sometimes it’s quality over calories, we’ll tell you why

Carbs – Part I

What they are

Carbs – Part II

How much is in what?

Carbs – Part III

…we’re trying to locate this Issue

Carbs –Part IV

Breaking it down into components

Cholesterol in Food

New studies indicate food-based cholesterol may not be too bad for most

Clean Eating

Least processed foods can be the best for you


Would you benefit?­

Diet Success

Keep a positive mindset

Exercise, Doing Something

Some exercise, however small, is a good thing

Food Labels

How to “interpret” a food label

Gluten Overview – Part I

What’s the rub on gluten free?

Gluten Overview– Part II

Gluten’s potential effects

Gluten Free Foods

How to avoid gluten in food

Gluten Free Benefits

Who can benefit?

Holiday Eating

Getting through holiday temptation


There’s opportunity in every diet setback


Good gut bacteria that can improve your health

Raspberry Ketones

Marketing as a weight loss miracle, are they?

Salt & Salad – Part I

Hidden sodium in salads and soup

Salt & Salad – Part II

Reducing sodium in salad / dressing

Slow Eating

How ‘slow’ eating helps you lose weight


A plan for enjoying the pre-game without extra weight gain


A simple overview and resources on plant-based diets


Simple idea, complex solution

Weight Loss Plateau

Overcoming those ‘stuck’ places