Starter Gun


Hate to exercise? 

Sometimes the most difficult thing about exercise, is just getting started.  These simple strategies will get you up and feeling good about working out.





ListIconStep 1  List the Benefits of Exercise.

Write down all the ways that you will benefit from exercising.  Your list might include: improved confidence, more energy, better physique or weight loss.  Place your list in a high traffic, visible location in your home where you will see it every morning as you start your day.


ClockTimeStep 2  Schedule a Regular Workout Time.

What does not get scheduled does not get done!  In our increasingly busy lives with multiple, often competing demands, we are being pulled in many directions.  Committing to a day and time that coordinates with your schedule is an effective way to start and maintain an exercise routine.  Mark your workout times in your calendar and treat it like any other fixed appointment.



Step 3  Reframe How You Think about Exercise.

Exercise may seem like yet another chore, another responsibility to add to our already hectic life.  Instead, start thinking about it as “me” time.  Consider it as time devoted to your physical, cognitive, and psychological health.  To get the most out of your workout, picture how you will feel when you are done and visualize yourself looking stronger and leaner.


BullseyeIconStep 4  Set Realistic Goals.

Set yourself up for success by starting off with small goals.  For instance, if you are a first-time exerciser, do not try to start off by running an hour a day.  Instead, set a more achievable goal such as 20 to 30 minutes of walking, two or three times a week.