Are you face-hooked?  facebookPill


Social media “addiction” is a real thing. It takes you out of your life and glues you to your electronic devices. Twitter, Facebook, Tumbler, Instagram and many more certainly have their benefits (ex., sharing with loved ones, re-connecting with long lost friends) but social media has rapidly come to interfere with healthy living.

o-NEW-YORKER-570Facebook is among the most addictive. About 25% of users check their accounts 5 times or more each day. Ironically, what’s troubling is the negative impact social media can have on many people’s social lives. Social media can harm one’s self-esteem, social skills and overall well being. What’s more, LEOs know all too well that there are even physical dangers associated with the incessant use of smartphones, such as traffic collisions or completely preventable accidents while walking!

The problem has become so mainstream that even Coca-Cola went looking for solutions …

Humor aside, perhaps you’ve heard that practicing mindfulness has been shown to have numerous physical
textLaneChina and mental benefits. Just some of these include reduced worrying, stress reduction, boosts to memory, increased focus, and relationship satisfaction. Mindfulness can be thought of as being in a “state of moment-to-moment awareness” about your experiences. Yet, the automatic and habitual use of social media for escape or enjoyment takes us away from our “moment-to-moment” experiences in life. So much so that in China they have created special lanes for people “mindlessly” walking down the street with their heads buried in their phones.


Are you a social media addict?

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Break the Addiction

  1. Find out why you do it. Are you bored? Do you feel unfulfilled in some way? Whatever the problem, solve it.
  2. Socialize in person more. It’s also a natural mood booster to spend time with family and friends.
  3. Put limits on your exposure. Set a time limit for how much time you’ll spend on social media each day. After you reach your limit, you’re done for the day!


-Dr Edrick Dorian