Here is where you will be able to access various on-line screening instruments designed to better inform you about your physical, psychological and social health.  As these surveys, calculators and tests get introduced during the year on the BlueLIFE website, we will place a link and brief explanation here.  For now, we’ll start with two links from the BlueLIFE Personal Pledge and a couple introduced in January’s Health Ed, BMI and BMR.


Blue Zones Vitality Compass This subjective on-line survey gives you an idea of how your lifestyle and health translates into projected longevity.  It provides insights into how simple lifestyle changes can improve your wellbeing.


Blue Zones True Happiness Test.  This survey examines your self-reported level of happiness across a multitude of different domains.  After your rating is scored and displayed on a graph, you can see what areas you experience more joy in and where you might want to focus some of your attention.


BMI (body mass index).  Use this basic calculator to get a rough idea of how your weight and body fat stacks up against a healthy range.

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BMR (basal metabolic rate).  Ever wonder how many calories you need each day just for basic functioning?  This calculator helps you better understand your baseline caloric intake from which you can make better informed decisions about your diet.  It can also help you tailor your diet if you are trying to lose weight or add muscle mass.

Online Calculator