Health v Wellness

 Health and wellness are not synonyms.  And while the dictionary definitions are somewhat similar, the application of these terms in medicine today has evolved to a point where they mean different things.


Health is generally considered a condition in which the individual is free from any physical or mental disease.  A person is often classified as “healthy” only if they are free of disease.


Wellness on the other hand emphasizes the underlying conditions which contribute to one’s state of health.  Wellness is reflected in your lifestyle, the health-related behaviors you engage in.  It takes into account your physical, emotional, social, intellectual and spiritual well-being.  It is possible to experience wellness while still dealing with the challenges of a medical condition.  Where health is a noun, you can think of wellness as a verb – a constant state of action.


To illustrate, consider the matrix below.  Words reflecting ‘health’ are highlighted in purple with words reflecting wellness in blue.

health v wellness

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