Key to Weight Loss


If there was a tool that would double your weight loss, what would you do to get it and how much would you pay for it?  Such a tool does exist, and not only that, it’s free!

Then answer is … a Food Log


Kaiser Permanente conducted a study of over 1,700 people to determine what factors help people lose and maintain weight loss.  The results showed that those who kept a daily Food Log lost twice as much weight as those who kept no records.  This is one of many studies to show that tracking what you eat helps with weight loss.


In my experience as a dietitian, I have seen many people lose a significant amount of weight (10 pounds or more) just by tracking what they eat, without any conscious effort to change their diet or exercise routine!


Tracking everything you eat can take a lot effort.  If you dread the thought of writing down what you eat, try using a free App such as MyFitnessPal or the companion website MyFitnessPal.  As you will quickly learn, tracking the food you eat will force you to think about both portion size and how the food is cooked.  These bits of information are critical to weight loss success.


If tracking everything you eat and drink every day is not realistic for you, try any one of these strategies instead:

  •  Track your food intake for 3 consecutive days; or
  •  Track intake a few times per week; or
  •  Choose one or two aspects of your diet to focus on.


I’ve developed a BlueLIFE Food Log that can be used by both novices and serious trackers alike to better understand and manage the food you eat.  Click the link below to access the form; instructions are located on the form itself.


BlueLIFE Food Logclick here
Even if it takes a lot of effort, keeping a Food Log is probably one of the most important things you can do for weight loss.  It really works!


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-Rana Parker, LAPD Dietitian