Plant Slant

calendar veggieCan you eat your way to age 100?

When experts looked for people in the world who have the highest life expectancy, they found five regions with large concentrations of centenarians.  When they looked at what those groups of people have in common, they found nine basic characteristics, including some related to what they eat and drink.  So what could the diets of people from such varying locations as Loma Linda, California, the Mediterranean, Costa Rica and Japan have in common?


The common thread amongst all these groups is their plant-based diet.


This does not mean that to live a long time, you must eat only plants.  In fact, out of the five groups of people, only the Seventh Day Adventists in Loma Linda practice vegetarianism.  But it does mean that more of their protein comes from plant sources like fava beans, black beans, soybeans and lentils, rather than from animal sources.  These groups of people typically consume meat about 5 times a month (compare that to the typical Westerner who eats meat almost every day!) and when they do eat meat, it’s a small portion of 3-4 ounces.


Think that’s impossible to do? To learn more about how to move to this type of plant-based diet, take a look at information on the Web link below, which describes the best-known and studied plant-based diet:


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