Bike Patrol

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Command staff is currently training for the 2015 Police Unity Tour that raises money to benefit fallen officers and their families around the country. Since 1991, the Unity Tour has raised close to $16 million dollars. What the command staff have been doing is training every Monday and Wednesday morning out of the EP Academy, and every 3rd Saturday of the month with longer rides (here we are in Griffith Park near the Observatory).

It is very admirable that they have embarked on this long journey. Not only does each individual rider have to raise $2000 for the event, they also have to ride from New Jersey to Washington, DC.  The ride is three days long and close to 300 miles long. The training and preparation takes months to plan before the event in May of 2015.

As for me, I am Sergeant Sam Gong, currently assigned to Training Division.  I have been a member of the Department for 24 years. I participated in the 2014 Police Unity Tour with the Southern California Chapter. It was an experience of an lifetime! The friendships and camaraderie built during the event will be remembered forever.  It was definitely one of the high points in my career and a monumental personal achievement.  I cannot say enough good things about the Tour.  I highly recommend the Tour to anyone, regardless of your rank, whether you are sworn or not; it is a ride to support the ultimate sacrifice that our brother and sister officers have made for us, it is the truly the least we can do for them. Come join us, you’ll have a great time!