Not Too Sweet

Not Too Sweet

The Coming Diabetes Crisis


Almost 1 in every 10 American adults has Diabetes and 90% of them developed diabetes as an adult. “Adult onset” or Type II Diabetes is a condition in which a person’s body can no longer properly regulate glucose (sugar) levels in their body. Your body’s glucose, which provides much needed energy to cells for normal functioning, healing and disease prevention, needs to be able to enter cells in order to be usable. In Diabetes, it doesn’t.

Left untreated, Diabetes can lead to death. When caught early and properly treated, adults can significantly reduce the risk of many of the long term consequences – such as impaired vision, kidney function, poor healing, neurological disorders, high blood pressure and even death.

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The Bottom Line______________________________________________

  1. The most common cause of Adult onset Type II Diabetes is obesity;

  2. Regular moderate exercise, even 15″ of brisk walking each day, can significantly half your risk;

  3. Keep sugar and processed food intake to a minimum;

  4. Have your blood sugar levels (“fasting glucose”) checked at least once per year;

  5. Even children in their teens are being diagnosed with Type II Diabetes, something unheard of in decades past.  Be a good role model – eat well, exercise, get checkups and make sure your kids maintain a healthy weight and behaviors as well.