Suicide in our Department remains a
Sad and Tragic Problem


We are still losing valued co-workers to suicide.  It is especially tragic to lose someone to suicide because suicide can be prevented.

When we all have a good and thorough understanding of suicide – what the risk factors are, the symptoms and warning signs, and when we know what to do about it, we can and will prevent these tragedies.



PLEASE take a moment to visit this website by clicking here or on the image below.  This is an excellent, interactive site that we know you will find both informative, and quite possibly one day, very very useful.


Just like any illness, the depression that is most often the root cause of a suicide must first be identified and then treated.


We can all get down or sad from time to time.  But for people who are contemplating suicide, they feel so hopeless and helpless that they cannot see a way out of their crisis.  There are ways to overcome these beliefs and feelings.


In addition to knowing the signs of suicide, there’s something else you can do.  Let’s stop the silence of suicide.  Let’s combat the stigma many people feel that prevents them from seeking assistance in the first place –


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