Stretch Your BODY

Most of us have heard that diamonds, which are highly compressed and organized carbon atoms, is a very STRONG material.  In fact, diamonds are so strong that they are embedded in the steel rotters used to drill LA subway tunnels.  And yet, a jeweler can take use a tiny little hammer with a bit of force and chip off a corner, creating a sparkling gem.  Diamonds is so happens are also BRITTLE.  There are many materials which are both strong and brittle, including numerous metals and ceramics.

What’s This Have to Do with Stretching?diamondStructure

In some ways your body, your muscles and tendons, can be both strong and brittle.  Regular STRETCHING helps your body perform better when you need to respond physically, it reduces the risk of injury and it helps build muscle following a workout.  Stretching can also significantly reduce back and neck pain, some headaches and helps prevent injury in the future.

Basic Stretches You Can Practice (3+ times per week)

Hamstring Stretch

Gluts Stretch

Calf Stretch

Lower Back Stretch

Middle Back Stretch

Upper Back Stretch

Lat Stretch

Neck Stretch