Professional Athletes Stretch Before a Game

Stretching serves multiple functions.  It limbers up your muscles, tendons and ligaments which helps make them more elastic and less susceptible to injury.  Physiological studies indicate that stretching may also enhance the effects of exercise, that is, stretching likely improves muscle growth following exercise.  Stretching can also help you relax. – taking time to stretch gives both your body and mind an opportunity to slow down, breath deeply and relax while you gently (yes, gently!) tense, hold and release various muscles.

We’ve incorporated a number of videos from into this training segment.  Here’s what we’d like you to do:

  1. Access each set of material by clicking on the links below;
  2. Watch the video (and review the printed material on the linked page if you like);
  3. Perform the stretch demonstrated for 3 reps.  Remember, pain does NOT equal gain, you should feel a good stretch in your muscles but you should never experience pain.

We’d suggest one variation to the instructions in the videos.  They suggest you hold a stretch for around 10 seconds.  Kinesiologists and Physical Therapists typically recommend you hold a stretch for 30 seconds; you are much more likely to have beneficial effects of the stretch.



Low Back

Upper Back