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“Depression” is more than feeling sad for a day after learning you didn’t get an special assignment, your kid didn’t get accepted into their first choice university, or even the grief you experience when someone you know dies unexpectedly.

Depression is a clinical condition … a medical condition, that affects around 7% of the U.S. adult population each year.  That’s equivalent to about 1 in every 15 people …

Does that have you thinking about the 15 officers sitting in roll call today, or yourself?


Depression can be effectively treated.  While medication works for some, it is rarely the first intervention.  Counseling can be very effectively in helping folks overcome their depression.

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Left untreated, depression can destroy a marriage, rob a person of everyday joy and happiness, lead to excessive weight gain and even increase risk of heart attack and stroke.  In the worst case, depression can lead to suicide.

While you may not be depressed yourself, you may know someone, a family member, dear friend, co-worker, who is depressed.  Take a look at this short video below that has been successfully used by the World Health Organization (WHO) to bring the point home.



If you are someone you know maybe depressed, don’t white-knuckle it alone!

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