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No adult needs to be told about the harm that smoking tobacco does to a person. Today, few people would argue the danger second-hand smoke poses to our children, or chew/snuff to our gums, throat, breath and looks. Burgeoning studies indicate that the new wave of smokeless eCigarettes are also harmful. Having said that, people still use tobacco products.




Tobacco products contain nicotine, a highly addictive substance. Tobacco is believed to be one of the most addictive substances used, second only to methamphetamine. The reality is, nicotine and tobacco products reduce anxiety; chronic use is like taking a ‘head-med’ for anxiety.

There are immediate changes that accompany smoking your last cigarette and as the time progresses after quitting smoking your body will reward you with improved health and decreased risk for serious diseases.

Becoming a non-smoker (non-tobacco user) is the one New Year’s Resolution that will have the most impact for your health and happiness. Our program will help You:

  • Discover what works specifically for you
  • Tailor a program to meet your needs
  • Prevent disease in you and loved ones around you
  • Prevent weight gain that often accompanies quitting smoking
  • Develop a personalized program that meets your individual needs
  • Become a long-term non-smoker
  • Live longer and healthier

If You Use Tobacco Products, It’s Time to Quit
Tobacco Free, LAPD
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