Behavioral Science Services

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Behavioral Science Services (BSS) is a group of highly skilled psychologists, alcohol and drug addiction counselors and nutritionist/dietitian. We know how to effectively address a wide range of individual and family problems and we understand how law enforcement culture may sometimes impact these issues. All APD employees (traffic, security & patrol) and their spouses or significant others are eligible for BSS services, which are free of charge. We do not provide services to children. However, we often help parents address issues they and their children may be challenged by.


Your communications with a BSS psychologist are protected by law. In brief, anything you tell your psychologist cannot be repeated without your express written authorization. Psychologists are mandated reporters which means that they must report suspicion of child or elder abuse. For a full understanding of confidentiality, click here.

Our Services

Individual Counseling – one-on-one help is available to effectively address stress and anxiety, loss and grief, depression, suicidality, loneliness and low self-confidence, plus many other issues. Counseling may also address sleep disturbances, medical conditions, disorganization, work-related challenges, personal development, skills building and peek performance.

Couples Counseling – help is available for couples seeking pre-marital counseling, improving their communication, relationship issues, co-parenting, or divorce concerns.

Addiction Services – we can assist employees and family members who misuse alcohol and/or prescription medication, as well as other addictions.

Nutrition and Diet – individualized nutritional counseling, help with effective weight loss, and one-pon-one help with eating plans for weight control, medical conditions, peak performance and post-injury recovery is also available.

Please click on any of the hyperlinks above for more information. We also recommend that you use the various dropdown menus to explore our website. Here you’ll find information on our staff, other consultative services we provide, details on your rights as a BSS client and a large amount of information on various medical, social and mental health topics.

You are always welcome to call us if you have any questions or concerns, our number is